Service Provider of Property Management Services in Vasant Kunj, New Delhi, India.

Property Management Services

Finding : Property finding services help individuals and businesses locate suitable properties for purchase or rent. Our employ agents who utilize our expertise and networks to identify properties that meet clients' criteria, saving time and effort in the property search process.

Finalizing Rental Agreements : Finalizing rental agreements involves ensuring that all terms and conditions of the lease are clearly understood and agreed upon by both the landlord and tenant. This includes specifying rent amounts, lease duration, maintenance responsibilities, and any other pertinent details. Once both parties are satisfied, the agreement is signed and executed.

Assisting on maintenance payment : Assisting with maintenance payments involves facilitating the process of collecting and managing funds for property maintenance expenses. This may include coordinating with tenants to ensure timely payment of maintenance fees, organizing and overseeing maintenance work, and keeping detailed records of expenses and payments. Additionally, property managers may help negotiate contracts with maintenance vendors to ensure cost-effectiveness and quality of service.

Payment of Property tax and Water tax : Property managers oversee timely payments of property tax and water tax on behalf of property owners. We calculate amounts due, collect funds from owners, and ensure payments are made promptly to avoid penalties, maintaining compliance with local regulations.

House Inspection (on regular basis) : House inspections involve thorough assessments of property conditions, including structural integrity, safety, and functionality of systems like plumbing and electrical. Inspectors identify issues, providing valuable insights to buyers, sellers, or property owners.

Maintenance Services : Maintenance services encompass regular upkeep and repair tasks for properties, ensuring optimal functionality and longevity. Services may include plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and landscaping maintenance, addressing issues promptly to prevent deterioration and enhance property value.

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